Ameerpet Lo Movie Review

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Cast: P Srikanth, Mounika etc.
Direction: P Srikanth
Banner: Padmasri Creations
Music: Murali Leon
Cinematography: Kiran Gyara
Release Date: Dec 16, 2016

Maruthi directed Ee Rojullo and Sampath Nandi directed Yemaindi Ee Vela inspired many aspiring directors to make youthful comedy entertainers with limited budgets. Ameerpet Lo is also promoted as a youthful entertainer. Let’s see whether director-actor P Srinivas succeeded in handling the two departments…

A batch of friends comes to Ameerpet in Hyderabad to join different software courses to attain jobs in IT firms. Vivek (P Srinivas) in the batch desires to pursue a career in acting, so he regularly visits several directors and various production houses. Libu (Siva Sai Praneeth), Venkat Rao and Chitti are his roommates.

On the other hand, Vennela (Mounika), Sonia and Mamatha are roommates in a ladies hostel. While Vennela works at an IT company, the other two join a software couching center.

Meanwhile, love blossoms between Vivek – Vennela and Libu – Sonia. One day, Vennela seeks all her friends help to accomplish a mission which actually shocks them. What is the mission? Will Vennela’s friends ever help her accomplishing the mission?

1. Few Comedy Bits

1. Complexed Story
2. Sluggish Narration
3. Immature Making
4. Low Standard Production Values


Artists Performances:
The film starts with director’s voice over which says, this films doesn’t have any heroes or heroines in it. Yes, he is true; neither P Srinivas looks like a hero, nor Mounika is a heroine material. Siva Sai Prasad who played Sri’s friend was innocent. Tilak, the other friend of Sri in the film was funny. He provided laughs in interview sequence, which is one of the best parts of the film. Other artists were just okay.

Technical Aspect:
Besides playing lead role as an engineer student who wishes to become a hero, P Srinivas has also directed the film. Apparently, he wanted to give a message to the society through the film. But, he botched doing so. Sri failed as writer as well director. In fact, Srinivas lacked clarity on what kind of subject he was dealing with. Neither it is a Maruthi mark adult comedy entertainer, nor does it have a unique story. However, few comedy sequences were well handled. Music by Murali Leon and cinematography by Kiran Gyara were pretty average. Production values of Padmasri Creations Banner are low in standard.

Ameerpet Lo will surely disappoint adult comedy lovers who expect the film to have some sleazy sequences. In fact, except for few comedy scenes, the film has nothing for any section of audience to watch it in big screens. Overall, the film has zero chances to succeed at box office.

TeluguOne Perspective:

Ae Peta Lo Aadadhu.

Rating: 1.0


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