Ballayya to lose 25 kiols weight

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Ballayya to lose 25 kiols weight

A film is being made under the direction of KS Ravikumar as Balakrishna’s film. He will be seen in the movie with different looks. Sonal Chauhan – Vedhika are playing leading actresses, while the film has already done with much of the shoot.

Balakrishna lost some weight for his role in the film. The latest news is that he will losing more weight for the film.

After KS Ravikumar,Balakrishna will be joining Boyapati next on sets. Boyapati has reportedly said that he the her have to lose 25 kilos for his role in the film. So, when the shooting of the film is over, Balakrishna claims to be doing some exercises for a few days.

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