Did piracy taken place for syeraa

Did piracy taken place for syeraa

piracy has become a feared factor for the film makers these days. This ruins the productivity of the film and enables making losses to the producers. People inside and out have been stringent to stop this sort of activities taking place. Somehting like this happened while Sye Raa being screened.

Chiranjeevi’s film ‘Syeraa’ was released worldwide yesterday. Chiranjeevi’s fans caught sight of him while someone filming namely Prasad a scene on his cellphone. He was handed over to the police in at IMAX because they thought it was a piracy.

Prasad was taken to the police station and police checked his cellphone. Police have found that he shot only one scene, not the entire movie. He was sent off by police, who confirmed he was not filmed for piracy.

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