Gopichand is in deep trouble now

Gopichand is in deep trouble now

Nowadays, a single flop can make a career turbulent. If it flops on the flops then the game may get over. Producers get fear working with such hero’s. The situation is similar to that of Gopichand. It I s been long time since Gopichand witnessed a hit. Recently released “Chanakya” has also turned out to be a disaster. This flop has a significant impact on Gopichand’s career.

This is a shocker to Gopichand his next film with Bogavilli Prasad, a famous producer got canceled as a result of the abysmal performance of Chanakya.

The hero did announce a big-budget film with Sampath Nandi, but now we hear that even that project is kept on the back burner until the actor and director figure out a marketing strategy to recover the costs.

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