I’m a deep thinker : Ranveer Singh

I’m a deep thinker : Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh and his mannerisms are always judged. While he has delivered incredible performances and blockbusters with films like Ram Leela, Bajirao Mastani, Padmaavat, Simmba, Gully Boy where he showcased his brilliant versatility, he has also been dissected for his fashion choices and demeanour. Ranveer has been subjected to a lot of labelling like ‘quirky’, ‘over the top’, ‘atrangi’ and the superstar opens up about how he deals with such judgements.

“Usually light-hearted and jovial individuals are not taken seriously. However, I am a serious and intense man; a deep thinker. I choose to reveal that side of me on the screen,” he says. Ranveer adds, “In person, I try to be cheerful. According to me, we live in maha kalyug. The world around us is dark, and the agony of existence bears down on people; everyone is fighting some battle or the other, and thus, it’s important for me to spread happiness.”

The superstar further says, “But I understand that some people in their myopic gaze may believe that that is all there is to me. I hope my performances have proven otherwise.”

The only superstar ever to have delivered over 800 crore in just 12 months, Ranveer is the only Bollywood actor who goes out of his way to thank his fans and make their day. He recently travelled for one and a half hours to a pregnant fans house in England to wish her luck. This gesture went viral and showcased how deeply Ranveer cares about his fans and the special meaning they hold in his life.

Ranveer says, “I am a special case because I never became a huge star in my head. I’m still the kid with stars in his eyes who is in disbelief that he even became a star. Priyanka (Chopra Jonas) always tells me, ‘Tu wo ladka hai jisko yakeen hi nahin ho raha hai ki wo star bann gaya. Jo aaj bhi bolta hai ‘mummy, main star bann gaya, dekho ye log meri photo lena chahte hain (laughs)’.”

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