Karthi’s Khaidi trailer released !

Karthi’s Khaidi trailer released !

A hit film from Karthi was long due. So this time he gave more attention to his stories and gave director Lokesh Kanagaraj a chance. The film will be in Tamil and Telugu audiences for this Diwali. A trailer from the movie was released a while ago.

The makers have released a trailer which is cut through out and out action episodes indulged in emotion. Seizing of 900 kg of Drugs worth Rs 840 crores. Mafia Leader Break Up on His Followers Karthi introduces Adishankaram, a prisoner who is serving a life sentence in jail. Karti’s dialogue is highlighted in the trailer, saying, “Do not be afraid to do anything “.

It looks like and hinted out that film has not even focused on romance and songs etc.,the trailer cut is mainly focused on action part alone.However,it is an intriguing and interesting trailer which gives you good tight curiosity towards the film.

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