Khaidi milestone is likely to achieve !

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Khaidi milestone is likely to achieve !

Barring the solo hit ‘Khaki’, Karthi has witnessed only flops in the last three years. With flops galore, his market came crashing down. Despite mastering the Telugu language and promoting his movies in Telugu states aggressively, his market has not seen any growth of late.

The movie is an out and out treat to the fans. There is neither an actress nor songs in this flick but the director engaged the audience right from the beginning of the film that leaves them in awe. Currently, the movie Khaidi is running successfully at the box office and is doing decent collections. Karthi is getting a lot of appreciation from the fans and audience members for his performance in a powerful and action-packed role. Now according to the latest buzz in the film industry, Karthi is all set to star in Khaidi 2 as well.

According to the industry sources, Karthi’s Khaidi succeeded in not only getting a positive talk but registered record collections in just 3 days of its release. The film could earn hardly Rs 30 lakh on the first day. But with the positive talk gaining ground, the film’s collection doubled the next day followed by 90 lakh share at the end of 3rd day on Sunday. Its collection has now crossed Rs 1.03 crore mark today. On the whole, the flick in Telugu has collected a sum of Rs.4.45 crore gross while Tamil version has reportedly collected more than Rs 14 crore till date.

Overall, the trade sources are of the opinion that the film will join the 50 crore club by the end of this week. Fans are overjoyed for the success of this venture.

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