Pawan Kalyan to be the chief guest for George Reddy

Pawan Kalyan to be the chief guest for George Reddy

George Reddy, is the movie being made based on the real-life incidents of student leader from Osmania University, George Reddy,he was then known as Che Guevera of Hyderabad. The trailer of the movie is released long ago and the trailer got a huge reception and the name itself was enough in addition.

It has now been confirmed that Pawan Kalyan is going to attend the pre-release event of the movie, which will be held on 17th November in Hyderabad.Pawan Kalyan might have generated the interest because of George Reddy ,who was also a follower of Che Guevera.

The biopic is directed by Jeevan Reddy. Featuring Sandeep Madhav of Vangaveeti fame in the titular role, this intense film chronicles the best and inspiring moments of George Reddy’s life. Set in the late sixties and early seventies, most of the film was shot in the specially erected set of Osmania University in Hyderabad.

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