Phone transcripts of 26/11 used as dialogues in Dev Patel’s Hotel Mumbai

Phone transcripts of 26/11 used as dialogues in Dev Patel’s Hotel Mumbai

The makers of Hotel Mumbai, primarily debutant director Anthony Maras, researched on the film for a year. Inspired by the Emmy nominated documentary Surviving Mumbai, the makers were not only one of the first people on ground post 26/11 but were able to procure permissions to use transcripts of the original phone conversations between the staff at Taj and rescue team. Maras and co-writer John Collee were not only able to gauge the situation better through the recordings but also render authenticity to the dialogues. Besides being well versed with the flow of what and how it all happened, the recordings were crucial to put the audience into the shoes of those who were present at Taj on the fateful evening. The film intends to celebrate the human spirit that triumphed after the gruesome event and the makers left no stone unturned to make it a watertight script.

Maras says, “It all started when I saw the Surviving Mumbai documentary. We got very easy access to the transcripts and access to the people who have lived through it. We spent a great deal of time of just listening and making the focus on these stories. We met them, in person or via video calls and get access to just hearing of what these survivors had to say, to know what was it to live through such an experience.”

Presented by Zee Studios & Purpose Entertainment, Hotel Mumbai will release on November 29, 2019 in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu.

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