Producer didn’t step back for Balakrishna

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Producer didn’t step back for Balakrishna

From the very beginning Balakrishna is making films very fast. Even after the 100th film, he is still making films like young heroes. He focuses on getting his projects off the ground as quickly as possible. There were no instances when he cared about his remuneration part. Talking about such Balayya is said to have demanded an hefty remuneration.

He is currently making a film under the direction of KS Ravikumar. The film has become a hot topic for which he earned over Rs 10 crore.

Balakrishna, who had previously taken only 4-5 crores for a film, asked for a big paycheck for the film, but C Kalyan did not back down and readied giving so

Makers seems to be planning it for Sankranti release.

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