Producer Harassing Me Says Actress

Kannada actress Avantika Shetty who shot to fame with a Kannada movie Rangi Taranga and is currently shooting for a new movie titled Raju Kannada Medium took to her social networking forums to issue a shocking statement. 

Avantika Shetty in her statement has said she was allegedly harassed on the sets by the film producer Suresh. Her statement comes just a couple of days after the makers of Raju Kannada Medium removed her from the film.

Avantika Facebook post reads: "Are women really safe in the film industry? I write this not out of spite but out of disgust and a fair bit of helplessness for I have become yet another victim of the way women are objectified by certain kind of men in an industry. I met and worked with the best professionals there can be. Be it Mr Anup Bhandari and his Rangitaranga team which became second family to me and with whom I am working on his second film 'Rajaratha' or working with superstar Upendra who is a gem and a gentleman, in Kalpana 2, produced by Dr Rajendra and directed by Mr Ananth Raju both of whom I have highest respect for and vice-versa. All these are people who will vouch for me any given day. But my illusion of a perfect scenario shattered when I signed a film with Mr K Suresh, a well known producer in the Kannada industry with whom I worked on a recent project 'Raju Kannada Medium'(yet to be released), an experience I would like to forget

I recently read an article with fabricated content provided by Mr Suresh. It ruthlessly maligns my name, making all sorts of baseless allegations and projects my character in poor light, a trait which has remained intact and will remain so all my life.

The problem started from the very first schedule of the film when I sensed that it wasn't my performance the producer and the director were really bothered about. I obviously ignored them and remained totally engrossed in giving my best to the character. I prepared my lines well in advance, rehearsed my part fervently to get the nuances right, ran around for my costumes, did my own makeup and even followed up on a regular basis with the producer for giving out my dates way before shooting schedules so that it avoided any confusion as I was doing another film alongside and yet everyday I faced problems on the sets for different reasons. I had almost completed the film and a very small portion which was to be shot in Bangkok was left. The next thing I know, I was unceremoniously asked to leave back to Mumbai (my city) citing my average performance in the film as a reason which surprisingly came up after I asked them about a bounced cheque.

Half of my dues weren't cleared, a presented cheque bounced and I was certain that the producer will release the film without me dubbing for it and he will get some dubbing artiste to do the job. Luckily for me, having an exclusive right to dub is part of the contract I signed with the producer. I for one, still tried to resolve the matter amicably by sending him texts to the same effect, It was when I didn't get any revert from him did I have no option left but to go the honorable court of law in Kamataka to get justice. My case as of now rests in contention and I am certain justice will prevail. I even wrote an elaborate letter to the Kamataka Film Chamber with a detailed account of my experience with Mr Suresh but haven't got any reply yet.

People within media circles got to know about such a case being filed and have been calling me to get the details. I, till now had no intention of dragging the producer in public eye and refrained from doing so as I didn't want to tarnish his image but having read the cheap article has now determined me take the fight to the end both publicly and judicially. I do not want another girl to go through this kind of a situation.

I certainly hope that at a time such as this when my heart is filled with despair, I will have my fans, well wishers, friends, family and media take a stand for me for I have been wronged and violated for no fault of mine.


Avantika Shetty"

However, producer Suresh or any other person from Raju Kannada Medium haven't reacted on Avantika's statement.



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