Sagar, Observe The Difference!

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Published: Sat 17th Sep 2016 09:54 AM

Sagar Debut Film Siddhartha Disappoints

Sagar, Rework On Your Drawbacks
Sagar, Rework On Your Drawbacks

In many of the recent TV interviews, Sagar aka RK Naidu of small screen debuting on to big screen enumerated his opinion of sensing no big differences between acting for a TV serial and working on a movie. But, there’s a distinctive demarcation which separates TV from cinema and Sagar should have understood it by now as his debut heroic venture ‘Siddhartha’ opened to divided talk yesterday.

Sagar is known for intensely expressive eyes and vigilant body language which drove his RK Naidu character for years together in ‘Mogali Rekulu.’ When it comes to ‘Siddhartha,’ actual problem lied in Sagar managed the same RK Naidu attitude for his title role. He needs to defragment the stiffness in body and re-arrange himself before giving a second try. 

An actor mandatorily needs to have versatility to emote with different expressions in multiple situations. Bearing a mere single shade for whole 130 minutes narrative may not ever work in his favor. It’s time for Sagar to observe these contrasting states before signing his second film. One more mistake and he can be gone…


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