Sexy Anchors Horror Treat Fails!

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There’s no special introductions needed for Rashmi Gautham. The one comedy show of ‘Jabardasth’ and the way Rashmi hosts it made her win lots of film offers and also the hearts of youth audience. Despite Rashmi acted in couple of films before, ‘Guntur Talkies’ made her so popular. Banking on her skin show and raunchy moves, many film makers have showed their interest to cast her.However, ‘Antham’ released few weeks back and now, ‘Rani Gari Bungalow’ failed to kick start at Box Office. According to trade reports flown in, ‘Rani Gari Bungalow’ is declared a very poorly made film with no revenues. Rashmi’s acts as a voluptuous ghost are neither luscious nor scary. Anyways, Rashmi went down and down with one more disappointment.It’s high time for Rashmi Gautham to re-check her script selection. Instead of falling for fancy pay cheques, she should realize the demands from her admirers. Anything more hot and more spicy than ‘Guntur Talkies’ can only lift her career. Let’s see, how far Rashmi plans such hot film?