Syeraa first day collections : Shakes the box office

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Syeraa first day collections : Shakes the box office

“Syeraa” Narasimha Reddy’ which had grand release Worldwide on October 2nd shaking the box office with its collections. Movie production company konedela aka Ram Charan spent a large budget on this prestigious project. Right from its first show garnered the positive talk.. Reviews are also coming out of the film are positive only.

On the day of its release,Rs. 50 crore shares have been crossed as per the Film trade sources estimate… On the other hand, Syeraa’s presence abroad has made First Day almost Rs. 10 Crore Share.

The movie, which has received critical acclaim from critics and movie personalities, is reportedly earning around USD 8,57,765 in 308 locations at the US premiere shows, which is about Rs.6.16 crores in our currency. Aussies, on the other hand, had good openings as well, with $ 189,237 in 39 locations in Australia. The Syeraa Team has announced that it has crossed the 1 million mark in the US on the first day. If the movie shows the similar aggression at the box office, Trade sources estimate that profit margins will be earned in two to three days.

Notably,’Syeraa’ is the biggest budget movie in megastar’s career.


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