Tamannah likes to do that ?

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Tamannah likes to do that ?

Actress Tamannah has changed. What is the change is what your question? This beauty who is known for her showing of glamour now says she would like to do acting based films .. In the beginning there was no hesitation. Not to mention item songs anymore. The answer from her is like “I like dance”. Tamannah is also a good actress. Though she has proved that point in the Tamil film “Kalluri”, the director and producers have focused too much on glamour.

Once any actor turns a certain age gossips would surround them asking about their love interests and there rumours doing rife revolving around her.

Tamannaah rubbished all the rumours on the social media about her marriage saying there wasn’t even 1% truth in them. She would be ready to make a film if all those stories on her marriage were brought to her. That was quite a satire, wasn’t it?

Tamannaah‘s Lakshmi character in ‘Sye Raa’ has brought her a lot of applause. Though it has a limited screen presence she stood tall with her performance living the character of a performance artist who sacrifices her life for saving the patriots.

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