Tholu Bommalata looks to be interesting one !

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Tholu Bommalata looks to be interesting one !

The film Tholu Bommalata is being made as Rajendraprasad as protagonist which seems to be set up in a village backdrop. Directed by Vishwanath Maganti, Latest a motion Poster from the film has been released. The poster of this motion poster is good enough to be heard in the background.

The motion poster hints out the story is going on in the context of what turned out to be a blood relationship. Rajendra Prasad looks good as a middle aged man. He will be seen as Sodalaraju (Somaraju) in the film.

The film is being produced by Durga Prasad, While Vennela Kishore .. Vishwant .. Harshita .. Kalpana .. Dhan Raj will be seen in important roles.

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