What happened when kajal Aggarwal forgot to carry her ID to a night club?

What happened when kajal Aggarwal forgot to carry her ID to a night club?

The adorable and much loved and T-Town actress Kajal Aggarwal recently appeared on VOOT original chat show Feet Up With the Stars Telugu hosted by the outspoken Lakshmi Manchu. During the cozy and intimate chat, Lakshmi spoke to Kajal about how she enjoys the great stardom.

When Lakshmi asked ‘Have you used your celebrity status for something?’ a modest Kajal Aggarwal responded, “I use it! When I am traveling and if I don’t get a table at a restaurant, I do it.” Revealing more on how she manages to get a table at the restaurant, Kajal went on to add, “I call up people imitating to be my secretary myself and tell them that if you don’t know about her, check out her Instagram and Facebook account.”

Agreeing to Kajal’s views, Lakshmi Manchu also added “I hate standing in the queue for anything like movies or for that matter anything that I need. See if you don’t use your star status sometimes then what is the point of us being celebrities?”

Well, that’s not it! After hearing Lakshmi’s take on stardom, Kajal goes on to reveal “Once at a Night club I was not carrying my ID and I had to use my celeb status to get in. I showed them my social media handles and got in.”

Now, isn’t Kajal Aggarwal just one of us in real life? We hope Kajal’s secret hack to get inside the night club stays under the carpet. To know more, tune-in to VOOT original Feet Up With the Stars Telugu!

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