Why is Balayya’s producer in shock ?

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Why is Balayya’s producer in shock ?

According to the latest buzz in the film industry, Nandamuri Balakrishna’s sudden remuneration hike is giving a shock to C Kalyan, who is the producer of upcoming action entertainer Ruler. Producer C Kalyan is in shock over Balakrishna’s sudden price hike. It is known the news that currently, Balakrishna is working with KS Ravikumar for an upcoming film “Ruler”, which is progressing at the brisk pace.

“Before the film was signed, Balakrishna agreed to a Rs 7 crore remuneration, but now he is asking for Rs 14 crore,” says a source, adding that the producer has been left tongue-tied over Balakrishna’s latest demand. “Now, the producer is cutting the remuneration of other technicians and actors so that he can meet Balakrishna’s demand,” reveals the source.

Balakrishna suddenly doubled his remuneration and left his producer C Kalyan flabbergasted. The report says that Balayya agreed on doing the movie for Rs. 7 crore remuneration but is now demanding Rs. 14 crores. Astonished but silent, the producer is now trying to cut the paycheques of the other technicians.

The reason for the alleged sudden hike in the remuneration of Balayya isn’t known, yet. By the way, ‘Ruler’, because of the combination with director KS Ravi Kumar and the unimpressive posters so far, has been carrying a poor buzz. The movie needs something big to garner a decent crux.

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