Avasaraniko Abaddam Movie Review and Rating: A very Interesting Thriller…!

Avasaraniko Abaddam Movie Review and Rating A very Interesting Thriller...!

Avasaraniko Abaddam Movie Review and Rating A very Interesting Thriller…!

Avasaraniko Abaddam Movie Rating: 3/5

In recent days, audiences are interested in watching Thriller and horror flicks, which are doing well at the box office and now, following the same trend “Avasaraniko Abaddam” thriller flick is releasing today, i.e., on 26th August 2016.

The makers of “Avasaraniko Abaddam” has bought Trivikram Srinivas for releasing the trailer of this flick and the trailer has impressed the audience well, which increased the hype of the movie. Now, the movie is in theaters and let’s check to what extent the movie has won the audience hearts.

Director: Suresh K V

Producer: Vijay



Suresh K V

Here are casts of Avasaraniko Abaddam film…






Music Director : Sai Kartheek

Avasaraniko Abaddam Movie Review:

Avasaraniko Abaddam Movie Story:

Ram (Lokesh), Kalyan (Rajesh), Srinivas (Shashank), Swetha (Geethaanjali) are best buddies, who enjoy their life with fun. One day, they plan to go for a trekking and they selected a forest for their trip.

There are some talks and rumors that go on in the nearby village of the forest they selected that, the forest is haunted where the devils revolve around the forest and the spectator faces unique consequences. But all the four takes it light and assumed that the trip will be thrilling and they decided to start.

After reaching the forest, they face unique incidents, where the devils will be disturbing them a lot. Even though all of them face much trouble, they went ahead and continued their trip.

In the middle of the forest, they will be facing huge troubles but, they keep solving them and continue their trek. During their journey, they come to know shocking truths. What are those truths? Will all the four escape from the devils and reach home? will the movie justify the title? forms the rest of the story.

Now to know all the answers to above questions, you need to go and watch “Avasaraniko Abaddam” movie on the silver screens.

Artists Performance:

The actors have given their best to the thriller movie, where everyone acted naturally. All the newcomers have made the movie interesting to watch and impressed the audiences with their performances.

Plus Points:

Unique concept


Lead actor’s natural performances

Interesting thriller

Interval bang




Background Music

Minus Points:

Graphics are low for horror flick

Climax could have been better


Director Suresh K V has come up with an interesting thriller “Avasaraniko Abbadam”, where the movie stood up to the expectations. The way director has narrated the film, makes the story gripping and increased the audiences curiosity levels.

The music director Sai Kartheek has given the excellent back ground score for the horror scenes, which stands as one of the highlights in the movie. Venkataramana’s cinematography is also one of the highlights, he handled the forest locations well. But the director could have concentrated little more on the graphics and the visuals, as they appeared low.

Overall “Avasaraniko Abbadam” is making the audience stick on their seats with a unique concept and good twists.

Verdict: Plan for this weekend…

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